History of the Domain

Summer residence of the Bishops of Quimper

As early as the 12th century, the Bishops of Cornouaille enjoyed residing in their country house on the banks of the Odet, around which there existed a village comprising a church, cemetery, houses, mill, oven... In short: a parish mentioned in parchments from that time.

Bishop Guillaume (1193-1218) died there. Alain Rivelen, known as Morel (1290-1320), managed the diocesan administration there on November 25, 1300. It was therefore not just a summer residence. For the city of Quimper was besieged by Charles de Blois and pillaged in 1344, only to surrender 20 years later to Jean IV.

As for Lanniron, we find land purchase contracts by Bishop Gatien de Monceaux (1408-1416), which in 1412, 1413 and 1415, attest to the bishop's desire to enlarge his Lanniron estate.

As for Monseigneur de Coëtlogon (1668-1706), we owe him the famous gardens of Lanniron. We will come back to this in more detail.