Fishing at Lanniron

With three bodies of water, fishing is one of the activities that Domaine de l'Orangerie de Lanniron takes pride in.

The Odet river, also known as the "river with 18 species of fish," which borders the Lanniron estate, offers a beautiful fishing space. In addition, it is possible to practice No Kill fishing in the Neptune basin as well as in the estate's large canal.

These three bodies of water house all kinds of species. In the Odet as well as in the Neptune basin, you can find brown trout, salmon, shads, sea bass, mullets, and flounder. In the large canal, it is possible to fish for carp.

Where to fish in Quimper?

Around Lanniron, there are other places suitable for fishing, including the Creac'h Gwen lake and the Jet and Steir rivers.

The Odet river offers a great diversity of fishing areas, each with a different morphology and water regime.

  • From Tregourez to Pont Allouen, upstream of the Odet, is a zone characterized by a rather slow flow of the river, surrounded by high berms in a meadow landscape.

  • From Pont Allouen to Stang Luzigou, in this zone of the Odet, the flow gradually accelerates as the course of the river narrows.

  • The Stangala is the zone where the Odet becomes powerful and torrential.