The Beaches


It's hard not to fall in love with this small fishing port where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation in this beautiful setting. Only a few restaurants and bars are available nearby. You can take advantage of the calm surroundings for a romantic or family stroll and admire the magnificent landscape.


The heavenly beaches offered by the small town of Bénodet will satisfy your desires for relaxation and idleness. The main beach, Trez, faces south and is the most beautiful beach in Bénodet. Le Coq beach is very charming with its green lighthouse and harbor. Letty beach, also known as "la mer blanche," is a magnificent natural lagoon. Most of these beaches have restrooms, playgrounds for children, and offer water activities. These beaches are perfect for family-friendly shore fishing.


Located near Bénodet, the beaches of Beg Meil are very spacious and pleasant for resting and relaxing by the sea. The water is crystal clear, and walking paths along the coast have been created, offering stunning viewpoints.


Beautiful beach located in Ploemeur, south of Audierne Bay. Many water activities are practiced on this beach, such as surfing or kite-surfing. In addition, this natural peninsula has a viewpoint where you can watch the waves crash on the rocks. From March to April, it is possible to see fields of blooming tulips. Walking around the headland, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama and even see megalithic sites.