Marvel every Sunday in July and August at the magnificent falconry show put on by the troupe Les Ailes de l'Urga at the Château de Lanniron - Parc & Jardins in Quimper.
Discover birds of prey as you've never seen them before!
Simon Potier and his team will reveal the secrets of these fascinating species and share their commitment to the conservation and preservation of species during the show.
Information and bookings at
Times: 3pm and 5pm.
Admission: €13 (€12 online) and free for children under 4.
The price includes all-day access to the park and leisure activities.

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"Les Ailes de l'Urga" aims to raise awareness of the need to preserve these birds of prey. Research into these species has been carried out in close collaboration with scientists from various organisations over the last 10 years. The website: ailes lists the research carried out to date. 52% of raptor species are seeing their populations fall sharply. Of these species, vultures are suffering the greatest decline.

"In view of the sharp decline in certain species in the wild and their change in IUCN status, it is essential to maintain captive populations with sufficient genetic diversity. We have recently trained breeding pairs of species of great interest (2 pairs of hooded vulture, 2 pairs of saker falcon and 1 pair of southern caracara). Although there are no existing programmes for these species, we feel it is essential to breed them now with a view to future programmes. These pairs have been added to our list of species that are already breeding (Harris's Hawks, Lanner Falcons, Siberian Eagle Owls, African Eagle Owls, Ural Owls, Barn Owls).