Become a Mobile home owner

Become an owner of your residential mobile home in Brittany!

Offer yourself a holiday spot throughout the year in the Finistère only 10 minutes from the beach and 2 km from Quimper by renting your pitch in the Lanniron Campsite.
You will enjoy all of the privileges of the services of a 5-star establishment directly in your holiday home..

A new or used mobile home for sale on-site or to be transported, as you wish!

Our teams maintain your garden and provide maintenance and housekeeping while guaranteeing 5-star service throughout the year.

Our technical specialists are also available to set-up your mobile-home (transport, consolidation and connection) and install your terrace. We can also transport your bungalow directly to the place of your request.

Modern mobile homes designed by the best manufacturers await you! We propose high-end
brands including O’Hara, Nautil’home, IRM, Louisiane…

Here I go, I’m going to become the owner of my own mobile home

In L’Orangerie de Lanniron Campsite, the large residential pitches are located in an area separated from the other campers.

Become a part of the large L’Orangerie de Lanniron Campsite family!

Good deal on limited edition >> The large English 3-room mobile home!

With its open-plan kitchen, its large living space with a panoramic view and its large wooden terrace located on a charming parcel of land, this bungalow is available on-site or to be transported.

Exceptional price of €14,800 for this mobile home! Don’t miss out!

We also have established a partnership with a luxury mobile-home manufacturer – don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!