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Our history

“Que Lanniron me plait et que ses avenues

Pour leur rare beauté méritent d’être vues…”

said the poet Nicolas de Bonnecamp


Monseigneur de Coëtlogon was the first to decide to build the gardens in the style of the century. Before him, Monseigneur du Louet had bought estates to transform into little gardens but the part reserved for the bishop was very small. He was also a great public speaker and went regularly to the courts of Versailles in the sun King’s Century. Back in Quimper, he decided to build the gardens in Lanniron .

Lanniron is a perfect example of French gardens with terraces, rectilinear alleys, square flower plots surrounded by box bushes. This organisation in Lanniron is similar to the one in Versailles, Villandry or Vaux le Vicomte.

Water was essential to Lanniron in order to grow the numerous flowers, trees and vegetables. It was also very important for decoration due to the seven fountains and ornamental pools which are symbols of controlled water and movement in this garden. Originally, there were seven ponds but six were destroyed during the French Revolution.


The encraving on the left  shows the back secenery of Monseigneur de Coëtlogon portrait. It is easy to see:

– eastwards: the canal

– in the center: the Château, with its 4 towers from the 15th century

– the mixing between the French and Italian style of the gardens