Our gardens today

classical gardens “French style”

with a touch of Italian style

There are many species of remarkable trees here, including the Ginko biloba, the Japanese cedar, the monkey puzzle tree and the bald cypress. Indulge in a serene stroll in the Château gardens (a château that is none other than the former residence of the Bishops of Quimper).

Lanniron is a perfect example of French gardens with terraces, rectilinear alleys, square flower plots surrounded by box bushes. This organisation in Lanniron is similar to the one in Versailles, Villandry or Vaux le Vicomte.

Nonetheless, these gardens were set out in the 17th century and feature superb terraced areas that descend down on three levels to the River Odet, in a baroque style.

There are flowers on the first and second levels, and vegetables on the third. Fruit trees have been trained on the walls.

Don’t miss the canal, the Neptune and Dauphin ponds that have been recently restored.