Become owner of your mobile-home in South Brittany, Finistère in a 5-star campsite in Quimper

Mobile-home sales, your home in Finistere South Brittany.

Rent a place in our 5-star campsite (from €3,670) and become owner of your own mobile home in Brittany.

Enjoy a second home and 5-star service in our campsite in Quimper, South Finistère!

Mobile-home sales, your home in Finistère, South Brittany

Become the owner of your own mobile-home cottage in our campsite or buy your mobile home and take it away:

Find a wide range of new (new generation and very comfortable) and second hand mobile-homes. We offer different brands like O’Hara, Nautilhome, IRM, Louisiane, Ridorev,  Buerstner… and also terraces.

You can also bring your own mobile-home.

These mobile-homes and terraces will be placed by our staff on a spacious pitch, isolated from the rest of the campsite.